Leaders of the Front of All cool down the internal and refocus on the opposition

Former Defense Minister Agustín Rossi claimed “turn down the intensity” in it front of all and defended the government, in an act together with officials, deputies and pro-government leaders.

rossi led an act this Saturday in Las Heras, Mendoza, along with officials and political and social leaders. The head of the block of Deputies of the FdT, Germán Martínez, the deputy Victoria Tolosa Paz, the vice president of the BCRA, Sergio Woyecheszen; and the secretary of Malvinas, Guillermo Carmona, among others.

He called to defend the government because “What is at stake in 2023 are the achievements of the last 70 years of Peronism” and assured that “they’re coming for all working rights“.

For Rossy, “The debate is fine, but it’s nice if you’re in opposition, we can’t be in a permanent debate, because the intensity has to be lowered.”

“Peronism-Kirchnerism are permanent categories. Why are we not convinced that we are Albertists? Because it is a definition that implicitly does not include Cristina. And why are we not convinced that we are Christianists today? Because it is a definition that implicitly does not include includes Albert” analyzed.

During his speech he also highlighted that “This President has had a pandemic and a war, it is a different context, and we know that there is concern about inflation, but we also know that unemployment fell to 7” and stressed that in “Macri’s four years he never managed lower unemployment.

“There are two models”

For his part, the Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis, assured that the FdT is what “the only thing that people have to defend themselves from the neoliberal model that the right embodies.”

“The only thing people have to defend themselves is the FdT. There are two country models in Argentina. The right may have three or four candidates, but they all say the same thing,” assured.

“There is a debate that is taking place in the FdT and it is something that I bank. One thing is to discuss whether the rates and electricity bills will increase by 20 or 30% and another is to generate a rise of more than 3,000% as happened with the macrismo”, he pointed.

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