Larraburu is sent to trial for the attack of his dog on a child

The Correctional Justice rejected the request to suspend the trial, for offering economic compensation, and sent to debate the case against the leader Dámaso Larraburu, for the attack of his dog on a child.

It was clarified that the measure adopted is not yet final because the defense of the former legislator can resort to the Chamber of Appeals and Criminal Guarantees.

In this way, they accepted the position of the prosecution and Sol Ledo -the mother of the 5-year-old boy attacked last year by the Larraburu rottweiler and who received about 80 stitches-, who had resisted the defendant’s proposal , consisting of the payment of 120 thousand pesos.

In turn, the woman said that during last week’s hearing the former deputy also offered his “political experience” to promote legislation regarding the possession of dangerous animals, a fact that he took almost as a provocation.

If the decision is final, the court will have to resolve the admissibility of the evidence offered by the parties and then designate a hearing date for the oral trial.

The accusation charges Larraburu with the crime of culpable injury (article 94 of the Penal Code), which provides for a prison sentence of one month to 3 years or a fine of one thousand to 15 thousand pesos and special disqualification from 1 to 4 years, to whom ” due to imprudence or negligence, due to inexperience in his art or profession, or due to non-observance of the regulations or duties in his charge, will cause another bodily or health injury”.

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