Kun Agüero and why he did not wear his friend Messi’s shirt


Kun Agüero made his Barcelona debut and will be against Dynamo Kiev this Wednesday

Regarding the departure of his friend Lionel Messi from the club and the disappointment of not having been able to play together, Kun Agüero was clear: “It’s a past issue. At that moment we were taken by surprise and now I prefer to think from here on. Leo looks very good and enjoying himself, that’s what I want as a friend that he can enjoy football like he always did. “

The Argentine National Team striker made his debut at Barcelona last Sunday and the fans received him with a standing ovation: “I didn’t expect this reception. I am very grateful for the love and now I have to give back on the court everything they gave me. I am very happy to start having minutes. The other day I felt really good. “

Regarding its ownership, he highlighted: “I try to train well and being a starter is the coach’s decision. When you do things right, you have more options. There are very good players and you have to respect them. You win the job by being physically fit and doing things well in games. “

Although he only played a few minutes, Kun Agüero is aware of the expectation for his goals: “The goal is going to come alone. From my experience … the more you think about it, the worse it is. I always got used to being second forward and I do not propose a number of goals. The objective is to be well and win a title. If it is with goals, better “.

With his usual good humor, Agüero had time to joke when asked if he was at the end of his career, he said: “Not so much … I am bald, well.”

Finally, Kun was clear when he referred to Wednesday’s match against Dymano Kiev for the group stage of the Champions League: “We have to win yes or yes, otherwise we are almost out. We are confident and Sunday was a nice game to get well and the people are going to help us add those three points we need. “

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