Jürguen Klopp was not satisfied with Luis Díaz’s performance in Liverpool’s draw with Fulham

Liverpool did not have a right start on the premier league drawing two goals with the Fulham as a visitor, a meeting that took place in London where louis diaz The starting match began.

The Colombian was one of the most outstanding players in the first part of the ‘reds’ who went to halftime losing 1-0 after the surprise goal of the Greek Mitrovic.

‘Fought’ He started the season with everything, on the 14th he picked up a rebound in the area, hooked to the right and took a ‘whiplash’ that hit the post and went into the back of the net, in a goal in the best style of the Colombian. But the annotation was not validated by a misplaced Scotsman Andy Robertson.

The peasant had a very clear one again in minute 39 with a great pass from the Spaniard Thiago Alcantara for Louis Diaz, who took a left-footed shot that went straight to the post. The second part was not very outstanding former Junior from Barranquilla, who lost his compass and was replaced after 75 minutes by Fabio Carvalho.

Words from the German coach about the Colombian’s performance. Photo: Twitter Anfield Watch

After finishing the match, the coach of the Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp analyzed the Colombian’s game and highlighted his commitment in attack and defense: Fought He is a great player, a fantastic player, today he had a great opportunity. For offensive players, on a day like this, it’s not easy because the rival defends massively. We didn’t play well enough…”

That yes, the German strategist was not very happy with the presentation of the team, which missed two points that could be important later in the season. The German asked the 25-year-old for a little more.

'Lucho' started in Liverpool's 2-2 draw with Fulham.  Photo: Twitter Liverpool F.C.

‘Lucho’ started in Liverpool’s 2-2 draw with Fulham. Photo: Twitter Liverpool F.C.

“When we were close, you immediately saw how good Lucho is, one on one, a shot at the post, I don’t know exactly, but it came close. Yes, he is a brilliant player, but he can play better than today, Like all South Americans.” Klopp finished.

Liverpool will have action again next Monday, August 15, when it receives the visit of the Crystal Palace in his stadium, Anfield Road.

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