Julia Strada: "There would be no reason for inflation to drop much more in May"

The director of the Central Bank julia strada estimated that inflation is far from curbing the inertia that took it to 6.7% in March and 6% in April.

In dialogue with Another twistfor Radio Universitypointed out that there are factors that will generate pressure on prices in the country.

Julia Strada by cba24n.com.ar

“Those for March and April are two very high numbers and there were no reasons, by virtue of regulated prices and the movement of the exchange rate, for May to drop much more,” Strada said.

The economist pointed out that the increases in fuel, tariffs and the exchange rate will be reflected in the May index.

“Perhaps the dollar will go faster so that there is no exchange rate appreciation and the Central Bank can accumulate dollars to pay the IMF,” said the director of Banco Nación.

Regarding the alternatives that the government has in the face of rising prices, Strada pointed to “greater coordination” of “price makers” and the advancement of the wheat trust.

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