Juan Daniel Oviedo answered Petro whether or not he stays in DANE – Elections 2022

Juan Daniel Oviedo in conversation with Semana took the opportunity to answer the job continuity offer that made him the candidate of the Historical Pact.

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For his part the Director of the Dane indicated that as a public official he is prevented from giving an opinion on electoral politics. In a conversation with Semana, however, he pointed out that “those statements by the candidate Petro are given within the framework of the electoral process that is taking place.”

The director of the Dane also said that his main mission will continue to be “to guarantee that official statistics and statistical practice” remain “neutral and technically independent.”

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Therefore he said Ovideo, your answer cannot be other than “completely distance myself from any opinion about the candidate’s (Petro) comments until this electoral process that the country is going through is closed”.

Petro pointed out that he does not know “what political current he is (Oviedo), if he is an uribista, but I would like him to continue in that work”.

Juan Daniel Oviedo, director of the Dane.

In his professional career He has been an associate professor, director of the Doctoral School of Economics and director of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness at the Universidad del Rosario.

He has also served as advisor to the National Television Authority (ANTV) and the ICT Ministry, among other entities.

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