Journalist Ricardo Mur was honored with a portrait in the Legislature

This legislative recognition was unanimously approved by the Senate.

Diumenjo recalled from the human to the communicator and his passage through the two most important air channels in Mendoza, the study of the issues he carried out as a communicator, marking a line of honesty in his career.

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For her part, her daughter, Vanina Mur He said “today we see the faces of the people who have always accompanied us, family and friends”, he thanked the recognition in this stage of deep sadness, but with peace and love receiving respect from everyone towards his father.

While the legislator Andres Lombardi He referred to the vocation and seriousness with which Mur worked throughout his career.

Lieutenant Governor Mario Abed highlighted the characteristics of the professional, recalled anecdotes and announced that he has considered allocating a better place for the portraits of the journalists who died: “we are going to transform the Red Room, where the governors’ press conferences usually take place, from all political signs on May 1, in the Sala de los Periodistas, of those who in one way or another transformed the lives of the people of Mendoza, moving the portraits of renowned communicators to that place.

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The president of the Chamber of Deputies Andres Lombardi and the provincial senators Martín Kerchner Tomba, Gabriela Testa, Rolando Baldasso, relatives and friends participated.

From La Consulta to all of Mendoza

Ricardo Mur was born in San Carlos in 1952 in the District of La Consulta. He started working at Radio Manantiales at a very young age and from that moment on he dedicated his life to the media, which were his space, his driving force and his passion.

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His greetings to the first, second and third “early risers” in the first editions of the newscasts that he hosted during the Mendoza mornings became a trademark that we will all always remember with great affection.

In 2019 he decided to move away from the media in order to find time for his other great passion: music and especially folklore. At that time she began to be part of the Cuyano’son quartet, together with her colleagues and friends with whom they were united by their love for art, culture and identity.

Finally, in the Espacio de los Periodistas, the portrait in memory of Ricardo Mur was discovered.

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