Jorge Macri ratified the unit of Together and pointed against those who “do not want to change”

The Minister of the Buenos Aires Government, Jorge Macriassured that “we do not have to worry about the continuity of Together because what is demonstrated is that in the places where we have to govern, we govern, and we do not fight neither for the media nor for spaces of power.”

Perhaps the clearest spokesperson for the opposition today explained that it is true that there are tensions in the opposition space, but that they have to do with the new stage that lies ahead Together for Change.

“When we came to power, in 2015, our message was very clear. Let’s change. And that was what the people voted for and supported. Then that unity between the PRO, radicalism and the Civic Coalition was ratified with Together for Change,” explained Macri, and expanded the concept: “In 2021, we had to ratify our commitment to society and reinforce Together, but today we have to be clear in that first commitment in search of change being Together”.

These assessments of the Minister of Government of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta were known just the day that the head of the Buenos Aires government met with the radical governors of Corrientes, Jujuy and Mendoza, Gustavo Valdés, Gerardo Morales and Rodolfo Suarez.

“The meeting was scheduled in advance,” said one of the spokesmen for the capital’s management. Although his presence in Corrientes was part of one of his usual tours of the interior, the photo with the rest of the governors of Together for Change from all over the country had another message.

It is that throughout the week some sayings and messages that the former president would have expressed Mauricio Macri against the radicals, in particular referring to Morales, who distrusts his relationship with the president of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation, Sergio Massa.

The situation had its most controversial point in the Buenos Aires legislature, where the Radicals and some PRO deputies had agreed to modify the Provincial Bank’s pension law that Governor María Eugenia Vidal had promoted five years ago.

The hypothesis of accepting this new instance, much more advantageous for the workers, who once again have 82% mobile, was ratified by several legislators because, as they trusted, the attorney general, Julio Conte Grand, and the Buenos Aires Supreme Court had already said that They were going to rule it unconstitutional.

“Stop screwing around… They always put as an excuse that Justice was going to leave them offside… Well, if it’s wrong, let Justice decide, but not us. He passed with the re re of the mayors, who turned everything back. Now with the Bank. So, Cambiemos does not exist, we are only Together because the radicals always force us to agree,” he said. Mauricio Macri, as reconstructed by MDZ from three different sources who were this week and the previous one with the former president.

About these discussions between the PRO and radicalism, Jorge Macri analyzed that “there are times when there are coincidences and other times there are not. There will be laws in which we will all vote the same and others will not. This should not be dramatized.”

“What is not at risk for us is the unity of Together. We are clear about where we are going and the role we have as political leadership in the country. Where we rule, we know we rule. In Jujuy, Mendoza, Corrientes, the Autonomous City, and more than half a hundred municipalities, at least, in the Province of Buenos Aires, we are not putting the action plan of the governors or community leaders in crisis with discussions sterile and powerful”, explained the Minister of Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

and what you think about Mauricio Macri, his cousin, accepted that in “the talk we had on Monday he expressed this together. Seek a balance between Together and Change, and perhaps it is good that where one has differences, change continues to be privileged. But here, in our space, there is no plane in a tailspin where the pilot and co-pilot fight over the destination of the trip and nobody corrects anything. Here, those of us who govern, govern, and there are no doubts anywhere that we are the government, ”he reiterated.

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