Given the security crisis in Concepción to the south, the Government recalled that the commitment that was signed with carriers has a term of 15 days and this is still in force. The intermediate state that La Moneda devised is still trapped and the mixed commission that must review it will not meet on Monday.

This Saturday the Undersecretary of the Interior Manuel Monsalve participated in a security committee in Bío Bío.

consulted by the warning of carriers of new mobilizations If security measures such as the “intermediate state” devised by the Government do not become a reality, Undersecretary Monsalve recalled that an agreement was signed and that there is a term that is still in force.

“It seems logical to me that if the Government, based on the signature of its Undersecretary of the Interior, acquires a commitment, they demand that it be fulfilled, but the 15 days have not yet ended”he clarified.

The mixed commission that will review the critical infrastructure project, where the government hopes to enter the reform to have an “intermediate state”, was going to meet on Monday, but it was suspended.

The idea is to seek agreements in Congress and process when there is support for La Moneda’s proposal, which insists that the State of Exception is not an option for them.

“I want to insist that the President has said it and I remember it: the Government will always be available to use all the tools,” Monsalve closed from Bío Bío.