In the Altiplano Zoo, Tlaxcala, they steal endangered macaw

Tlaxcala.- Directly removed from its cage inside the Zoo of the Altiplano of Tlaxcala it was stolen a macaw of the Mexican Psittacidae species. This type of bird is currently considered in danger of extinctionsince it is captured illegally and its natural habitat has been destroyed.

Although the zoo has police custody, it has video surveillance systems and is surrounded by a perimeter fence. the person or persons responsible for stealing the bird seem to have easily entered the place.

The metal mesh was cut, on the banks of the Zahuapan River, as well as the cage where the macaw was kept.

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Once the theft was detected, psurveillance and administration staff ordered the closure of the zoowhich caused annoyance among visitors trying to enter.

In a press release, the local government reported that, through the Secretary of the Environment (SMA)reported to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), the disappearance of a macaw in the Altiplano Zoo.

According to the document issued by the General Coordination of Social Communicationthe ranger was the one who reported the disappearance of the parrot and “the breaking of the perimeter mesh of its area of ​​stay.

The missing species is a specimen of the Mexican Psittacidae, subject to animal protection, whose sale, possession and any type of commercialization by parts or derivatives is prohibited. The Altiplano Zoo houses these specimens under final destination, but they are property of the nation, hence the complaint was filed with the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), cites the press release.

The workers of the Altiplano Zoo, as well as the legal personnel of the SMA, carried out the procedures for filing the complaint, which was recorded in the investigation folder FED/TLAX/DEL TLAX/0000611/2022.

Despite the theft, the state administration indicated that the Altiplano Zoo will be open to the public generally normally.

In danger of extinction, the macaw is part of a protected species

In Mexico there are 22 species of psittacinesamong which are the macaws; all have been officially declared in a risk category. Eleven species are in danger of extinction7 are in the classification of threatened and 4 low special protection.

The illegal traffic of this type of birds and the destruction of their natural habitat are the main causes of the deterioration of parrot populations, which is why their sale, possession or capture it is a federal crime.

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