In Tapachula, residents burn and damage patrol cars after the death of a young man run over by police

TAPACHULA, Chiapas.- A young man who was traveling on a motorcycle in the ejido Toluca from the highlands of Tapachula, Chiapasdied after being run over by municipal police yesterday evening (Friday).

Given this, the residents of the ejido they closed the road to prevent the officers from fleeing the scene.

Upset by what had happened, dozens of men began to damage patrolsturning them over, breaking their windows, setting them on fire, and damaging a Municipal Highway unit that They broke the front.

Villagers asked that agents be lynched

The inhabitants of the ejido asked that Rosa Urbinamayor of Brunettewill appear at the scene to speak with the relatives of the victim.

For their part, other residents demanded that the agents were lynched for the death of the young man, however, in the end the officers were locked up in the community prison, waiting to be consigned to the Public ministry.

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