In Nancuise, he did not expect to be mayor

Bertrand Halbourg ready to start a new life, municipal. (© Cedric Perrier)

He is overflowing with enthusiasm. For Bertrand Hallbourg, a new chapter begins; that of mayor of Nancuise, a village of about 40 inhabitants. Above all, it is a dive into the unknown.

A few months ago, the native of Normandy did not sit on the municipal council. His only link with the town hall, the house opposite. But on August 10, the mayor Jocelyne Monneret-Luquet died at the age of 74. If the first deputy Didier Fieux accepted the interim, he did not want to endorse the scarf.

On October 18, new elections then took place in this small town that Bertrand Halbourg likes to call “the little noon of the Jura. The people are nice, there is a lot of support. We are between Orgelet and Arinthod, it’s calm and nature”. The sequel is quite unlikely.

“I take it as an honor and also as a great proof of integration with my wife and my two children.

Bertrand Hallbourg Mayor of Nancuise

“A little over a month ago I was a private citizen “Recalls the one who has lived in the town since 2003. But at the time of the new elections, out of 28 voters, 22 voted for him. Now he sits on the city council.

“A great proof of integration”

“I didn’t run for mayor. But during the vote, out of 7 votes I got 4, knowing that I did not vote for me. I take it as an honor and also as a great proof of integration with my wife and my two children. » Retired from Transports Perrier Since January 1, this former driver trainer instructor has not hidden his joy.

“It’s a new challenge, an opportunity to experience something different. I have always been very active, so a new life is beginning. »

In order not to dive into the deep end without knowing how to swim, Bertrand will follow training courses. He has already sent a word from the mayor to all the villagers to thank them, while asking them about their needs and what they expect from their new mayor.

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“I thank the advisers, I will rely on them a lot. We will move forward and build together. Again this is all new to me, I’m a beginner. It’s a great challenge, I like it. I will also rely on acquaintances who are mayors. I’m all the way”, gets carried away by the one who will celebrate his 61 years next December 4.

And as a first measure, be available all week by appointment to meet the needs of residents. Of course, he will cycle a little less…

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