I have no right to fail you: Marina Vitela

“Marina Vitela is made to govern and is ready to end corruption together with Gonzalo Yáñez,” said the national president of Morena, Mario Delgado, when accompanying the candidate for the governorship of the state and the standard-bearer to the mayor’s office for the alliance “Together We Make History” in the Azcapotzalco neighborhoodwhere they told the hundreds of families in attendance that “we will win together and we will achieve in Durango the transformation led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador.”

“The fight that we face today is for the future of our children and our grandchildren, because it is about corruption against transformation,” said Gomezpalatina, who assured, “I will govern hand in hand with the people, with the firm purpose of helping those who need it most, while those who six years ago called each other thieves go together today, showing that the only difference between them is that one is a thief and the other is a thief, but they are united by corruption”.

Likewise, he stated that, in San Juan de Guadalupe, the leader of Morena was killed in an accident on an unusable highway, “we cannot allow corruption to continue because they stole the money for the roads, there are places where you cannot study because there are no universitiesThey even stole our health because there are no medicines”, situations that the “Together We Make History” coalition will put an end to, by not touching a single peso from the people and allocating it for what it is, he said.

In the presence of Manuel Espino, national president of Ruta 5, Otniel García Navarro, state leader of Morena, and Hugo Rosales Badillo, leader of the state’s Progressive Social Networks, Gonzalo Yáñez said that “while those from PRIAN come to steal, we come to serve… we are going to clean Durango of corruptionof the lies and betrayal, we are going to mop up with the PRI and with the PAN”, at the same time that he promised to make the requests that the settlers of Azcapotzalco expressed in the voice of Jorge Newman, who was sure that Marina will be the first governor of Durango and that she will play a great role, while she recalled that Gonzalo has been the best mayor and it is urgent that they govern together.

While Mario Delgado, president of the CEN of Morena, commented that while the others believe that they can deceive the people, the people have already decided, because there are two choices for the election, that corruption continue or an honest government that goes hand in hand with people for transformation.

“Many good people who trusted other parties, today are disappointed because those who were enemies today go together, with the sole purpose of staying in power to continue living off corruption; to all those people, tell them to vote for Morena, because it is the option of a true change”, was the call of the Moreno national leader, and Nacho Mier, coordinator of the federal deputies, called to vote for Marina so that the money is no longer stolen and that it reaches the families that need it most.

Finally, the brunette announced that she comes from a family with migrants, in which she lost her mother to cancer, her father to alcoholism, who suffered violence and saw loved ones suffer from addictions, for which the flag bearer of the Fourth Transformation said that all of this forged her to serve and try to change things, “for this reason, I have no right to fail you.”

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