"I do not regret": the defense of the teacher who attacked a student who was bullying a classmate

The bullying it is a major problem that is present today despite the different campaigns and actions carried out to try to eradicate it. On this occasion, a teacher found out that one of his students was bullying a classmate and savagely attacked him in the middle of his class. This case went viral on social networks and generated great controversy.

The incident happened at the San Felipe school in the city of Piura, in Peru. The protagonist of this situation was the teacher Daniel Mendiolawho decided to take justice into his own hands and attack his student with his belt after realizing that he was bothering another student.

After the images of the attack went viral, the school determined that the teacher be removed from his position for hitting his student. Nevertheless, the teacher received strong support from the parents of the school and was finally acquitted of all the charges against him. Now she will return to teach at the educational center and made a download in her account Facebook.

I could not continue to see such injustice, I do not regret anything. I thank the directors of this honorable institution for understanding my situation and doing justice, just as I did.”expressed the educator in his social networks.

And I add; Let this be a precedent so that everyone knows that we can still changethat being a teacher is not only filling notebooks, but also teaching and cultivating true values”.

In this sense, Mendiola stressed that, after this episode, it will be essential to make each of the students comply with the rules within the educational environment and above all understand that “Respect must be fundamental” at school.

Let us show that we can still trust that good overcomes evil. As a teacher I promise to continue providing a good education. Thank you to all the parents who supported me and asked for justice for me, seriously thank you very much, God bless you“, he claimed.

Lastly, the director of the school indicated that the teacher acted firmly and fairly when he saw that an act of bullying was being committed in the classroom. In addition, the adolescent who was bullying was expelled from the institution.

Meanwhile, the student who was the victim of school abuse will receive psychological help after suffering constant aggression. “We will not tolerate acts of bullying or school abuse between students, our duty is to educate and not allow abuse of this type”, declared the director.

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