Hiromi’s widower announces that he will become a father

It was in the year 2017 when Hiromi unfortunately passed away after her baby lost her life inside her womb one night before she gave birth, causing the singer internal bleeding that was fatal.

Now, several years after this sad death, this weekend and in the middle of Father’s Day, the former academic’s widower announced through his social networks that he was going to become the father of his current partner Gina Cresco.

Through his official Instagram account, Fernando Santana posted a beautiful photograph where the happy couple was seen carrying small socks, while both wore matching suits with fruit designs.

At the bottom of this image, Hiromi’s ex-partner placed a beautiful message where he announced that they were expecting a baby, whose sex is still unknown:

“What better day to share this news with all my loved ones today. For my son (a): We still don’t know if you will be a boy or a girl, but what you can be sure of is that we already love you,” reads the beginning of his publication.

After this, Fernando announced that he will do his best to take care of the little being that is about to come into their lives:

“I promise to take care of you every day, I will always look out for you, I will do my best to be an exemplary father, be your best friend, your confidant, your guide, your cloth of tears and your favorite person to celebrate your successes.”


“Teach you to play fut if you are a boy and to tell men to be very careful if they approach you if you are a girl, and also to be an extraordinary woman. Today I just want to thank life for this gift and for giving me the opportunity to be a dad again, “concluded the singer.

Of course, this publication was showered with endless good comments, wishing good wishes and health to all.


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