Health: concern about the rise in cases of flu and coronavirus

The Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, recognized the concern that exists in the government for the greater number of cases of flu and coronavirus that are being recorded in the last few days. In this sense, he urged the population to maintain care to avoid diseases.

“There is an increase in cases of flu and other respiratory infections, and we have to maintain care. Coronavirus infections are going to increase,” admitted Vizzotti, facing the winter that begins next month and the coldest months of the season.

According to official data, 3.7 million doses of flu vaccines were distributed “to advance the immunization of people who are at risk of complications if they have the disease.” The figure included the PAMI (social work for retirees and pensioners) and other institutions.

“This year the circulation of the influenza virus came earlier, which is why we substantially accelerated the distribution of flu vaccines, to progress with vaccination before the arrival of the most intense cold weather and protect the most vulnerable from serious complications”explained the minister in declarations to Radio AM750.

The national official also highlighted that “The flu vaccine can be applied together with any other vaccine on the National Vaccination Calendar, as well as with the coronavirus”.

What Carla Vizzotti said about the coronavirus

Vizzotti said that both the national government and the provincial authorities are doing “a very special monitoring” of the cases of coronavirusthe number of deaths and the availability of intensive care beds in the different jurisdictions.

“We are already in a different surveillance stage with a weekly notification, with two weeks of increase in the number of cases, but a low number of cases, with advanced vaccination as it is.“said the minister.

In any case, the official insisted on the need to continue vaccination in those sectors that have not yet joined. “What complicates the vaccination campaign is that there are people who do not want to be vaccinated or who report poisoning to the government. In Argentina there are 3 million people over 50 years of age who have not yet been vaccinated with the third dose. cases and we have to stimulate vaccination so that there are no more deaths“, he detailed.

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