"Having worked with Bielsa does not guarantee that you are a good coach"


Regarding his arrival at the Express, he said: “I met a group that is physically and technically very well. It was a bold decision for Godoy Cruz.”

“I think there are moments and games. There are circumstances where party strategies can be negotiated,” he added.

He also considers that Argentine football is below the level it deserves: “The football DNA is there, but in the amount of resources to develop we are down. At the investment level we are very far from Brazil. This is a country that could be a little more above”.

Your background

Diego Flores, a coach who accompanied Marcelo Bielsa as part of the coaching staff in European clubs and even served as a translator at Leeds United, came to the winery cast after the resignation of DT Sebastián Méndez.

The 40-year-old received coach had a past as a footballer in Las Flores, who plays in the Cordoba league. He was also the coach of General Paz Juniors in the same league, traveled to Ireland to train and had a meeting with Mauricio Pochettino (the current coach of PSG in France), a colleague who worked at Southampton in England.

He was Loco’s assistant at Olympique Marseille (2014/15), Lille (2017) and Leeds United (2018/2021). In addition, his fluent English allowed him to be his translator in England until his promotion to the Premier League.

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