Gouda cheese price rises in MLC stores

Cuban Internet users denounced that the government increased the price of gouda cheese in freely convertible currency (MLC), in a surprising and underhanded way, without announcing it to the population.

“The (store in) MLC doubled the price of the Gouda cheese from one day to the next, out of nowhere,” Julio Herrera, a user who identifies himself as “the Architect,” said on Twitter on that social network.

His publication generated doubts because some followers thought that the change of price was associated with the weight of the product. However, it was not so. There was an increase in the value of the cheese, at least that produced by the German brand Ammerländer, and the Cuban State did not report this.

This brand of gouda cheese rose from 8.10 MLC per kilogram to 14.75 MLC, which corresponds to a 55% increase at its value, for the same weight.

Since 2020 the stores in MLC they sold gouda cheese at 8.10 per kilo. They did not market it, at least at that time, in small cuts, the pieces that exceeded 3 kilograms had to be bought whole. This forces customers to shell out a large amount of money on a single purchase.

Cuban Camilo Condis confirmed in a message on Twitter that “gouda cheese at 3ra y 70 (store in MLC) no longer costs 28 MLC on average, now it’s above 33 MLC“.

The Cubans not only denounced that cheese is more expensive and that they can only buy it in an almost inaccessible currency. They must also face the traps in the state establishments in MLC, with products whose weight does not correspond to that which appears on the original label.

Facebook Lazaro Jose Beltran

“The high prices that the products have in those stores are outrageous. An example of this is this cheese that has a value of 43.55 MLC, that is, around 5,000 pesos for a cheese. Let us remember that a standard retirement pension in Cuba is 1,528 pesos and that the minimum wage is 2,100 pesos. Terrible, where are we going to end up?” asked a Cuban on Facebook.

Facebook Adolf Fernandez

“I think that these people have already lost the bus… The collection must be large, what we do not see anywhere is the investment, unless they are expecting to have many (bills) in London and later… . You already know! Don’t you?” Said another citizen.

Last week the MLC experienced a slight rise in the informal currency market in Cuba, it reached 112 Cuban pesos (CUP). On the other hand, the dollar and the euro kept their price stable, 100 CUP for the first and 115 CUP for the second. The data corresponds to the Representative Rate of the Informal Foreign Exchange Market in Cuba from the independent media outlet El Toque.

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