Goodbye to the marches of Relatives against Impunity?

With the pandemic that began in 2020, the marches that took place every Friday to ask for justice since 2011 were suspended and have not been reactivated until now. Many relatives with pending cases hope to occupy the Plaza 9 de Julio again, however, there are uncertainties about the call for the marches.

Get informedSalta talked with Raúl Córdoba, one of the promoters of the marches of Relatives Against Impunity, who pointed out that after the isolation and the pandemic situation, many family members got sick, The health condition of many parents who started the demonstrations back in 2011 deteriorated.

We are hardly going to be able to continue what we did for ten years continuously. We are evaluating an activity for before the start of the Judicial Fair or after the Fair, it is to make a demonstration at the door of the Judicial City, there are many cases that have not been resolved, there are more and more families in this situation, “he said. .

In August there will be a commemorative activity for the 11th anniversary of the creation of the movement. “Many cases were resolved, others were overdue. It is a bit difficult to reorganize the group to do the march on Fridays. So many years of having been in the square led us to have the Cintia Fernández Foundation, the group of yellow starsactively participate from other spaces considered and approved by other family members, where we can continue discussing state policies”, he said.


With a bit of frustration, Córdoba considered that we did what we had to do. “Unfortunately we did not find the repercussion in the powers. That today the law to create the Single Prosecutor’s Office for Road Incidents with a criminal prosecutor that was approved by the Chamber, approved by the Governor, is not put into operation, shows it.”

The municipal official added that Many relatives of victims ask us how to make their complaints and legal presentations. “Offices were created that we do not know what actions they are carrying out, such as the Office for Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents of the Deliberative Council, which never presents a balance, the office that Catalano created in the Judiciary also does not report how they are working. The State is not giving answers”.

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