Gómez Fredes shone and kept the provisional Pole in La Rioja

Do you remember Fer? As in his best times, Fernando Gómez Fredes from Pigüense broke the clocks and put on a brilliant performance on the first day of official National Tourism action in La Rioja, the scene of the fourth date.

Aboard Tito Bessone Carrera’s Toyota Etios, Fer confirmed the potential shown since the beginning of the season and won the provisional Pole in Class 2, using 1m 20a 793 to travel the more than 3,500 meters of the La Rioja track.

Gómez Fredes was in charge of breaking the equal time between Juan Ignacio Canela (Trend) and Facundo Bustos (Trend), who remained at the top of the classifier with the same time, until the pigüense appeared at the end and took over “1 “partial.

On the other hand, and on his return to the specialty, Sebastián Pérez (Onix) from Bahia completed a satisfactory job, considering the downtime and disuse of the unit (he resorted to the Chevrolet after the destruction of the Etios), in 22nd place, almost 7 tenths of the piguense.

The extreme parity in the first released session (27 cars were locked in a second) placed the Mouse out of the main references; although, his time (1m 21s 486) was not negligible at all.

Nevertheless, tomorrow, from 11 to 11:50, Pérez will have revenge in the second qualifying round, where Gómez Fredes will try to ratify what was done today and sentence the Pole in his favor.

Likewise, tomorrow Class 3 will go out on the track to complete its first day of official action; first with the two practice sessions and then, from 4:00 p.m. to 4:40 p.m., with the main course on Saturday: the qualifying test.

There, the regional representation will be limited exclusively to Arana Ingeniería Sport, the Bahian team commanded by Pablo Arana, with its drivers Juan Bautista De Benedictis (Corolla), Germán Todino (Corolla) and the local Roberto Luna (Cruze).

As noted above, Adrián Percaz (Focus) from Villalonga, usual representative of our area in the category, will not be competing, since they did not arrive on time with the work in the unit prepared by the family team.

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