getaways "gas stations": the best small towns in Buenos Aires to rest with an autumn landscape

Throughout the length and breadth of the province of Buenos Aires abound large numbers of cities and towns with peculiarities and beauties very different from each other and that are worth knowing. Between the last days of March and May, a phenomenon occurs that makes the idea of ​​going out on the road to explore new places even more special: the fields, the parks, the groves, and the forests, are dyed by the magnificent warm colors of autumn. What better time to seek a moment of rest and disconnection from the hustle and bustle of the city than this!

A short trip a short distance from home can generate a change of energy and a feeling of tranquility and well-being that you are needing at this time of year. Buenos Aires is a generous province in proposals and opportunities: without traveling the route for more than three hours you can visit towns famous for their traditions, their festivals, their gastronomy, their cultural and building heritage, or their many outdoor recreational activities..

Who knows a lot about this and became a great adviser on social networks is Guido Rodrigueza traveler who, with his car, his three dogs, and a drone, ventured to the different towns and departments that exist in the Buenos Aires territory to discover its best benefits and hidden properties of the most popular tourism.

The young influencer (in his networks he is located as @gui10road) shares weekly reviews of his visits to the most remote and picturesque townstalks to its residents, takes pictures, and tells his own experience to his large community of followers, who finally thank him for opening their eyes to new destinations.

On this last opportunity, Guido remarked with a thread on his official Twitter account which were their favorite destinations to enjoy a bucolic and autumnal landscape with the mate team under their arm. This was the ranking of the traveler:

Gandara, Chascomus

Gandara in the fall. Photo: Twitter/gui10road.

Santo Domingo, Maipu

Santo Domingo from the panoramic view of a Drone. Photo: Twitter/gui10road.

Three Sergeants, Carmen de Areco

Three Sergeants in Autumn. Photo: Twitter/gui10road.

The Triumph, Lincoln

The town of Lincoln from the street, in the fall. Photo: Twitter/gui10road.

From the Valley, May 25

The town of Del Valle, on May 25. Photo: Twitter/gui10road.

La Delfina, General Viamonte

La Delfina, General Viamonte. Photo: Twitter/gui10road

Bayauaca, Lincoln

An autumn postcard from Bayauca, Lincoln. Photo: Twitter/gui10road

The Girl, July 9

This is what an autumn sunset looks like in the little town of La Niña. Photo: Twitter/gui10road

Quiroga, July 9

One of the autumn streets of Quiroga. Photo: Twitter/gui10road

Tomas Jofre, Mercedes

Tomás Jofré, one of the most beautiful towns to visit during the fall. Photo: Twitter/gui10road

Ireneo Portela, Baradero

Ireneo Portela, Baradero. Photo: Twitter/gui10road

Agustin Mosconi, May 25

Agustin Mosconi from above. Photo: Twitter/gui10road

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