Gasoil: “If we had continued working with biofuel, today it would be a different situation”

The deputy governor of the Province of Salta, Antonio Marocco, spoke to different media outlets in the framework of the ParlaNOA meeting. On this occasion, he commented to Get informedSalta that, “the topic of biofuel, today we are lacking for the harvests”.

“If we had continued working with biofuel and seeing what the NOA provinces were asking for. The possibility that the sugar and alcohol sector, which could have made biodiesel, because their companies had prepared for that, we would not have the inconveniences that we are having. In addition, we were complying with what the president of the nation has signed in the Paris agreement, ”he criticized.

In the same tone, he claimed: “If we had continued working as ParlaNOA demanded to add more ethanol and biodiesel quotas to fossil fuels, today we would have a situation. That was cut two years ago in a fix that nobody knows who did it and they left us out of the quota and the possibility of growing”.

To conclude, Marocco assured that: “The governor here in Salta, less than a week ago, claimed these things from the economy minister. Less than a month ago, at the meeting of the Assembly of the Great North, the governor demanded live and direct to the executives of YPF and the energy secretary that they solve the problem that we had already been pointing out.

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