Gabriel Oliveri got tired of Martín Salwe and revealed what his request was in The hotel of the famous: "I wanted them to take it out, but…"

El Hotel de los Famosos became the most controversial and criticized reality show of the moment. And it is Martín Salwe who earned all the anger from the public due to his attitudes against Locho Loccisano, his tweets against Flor de la V and the insults he launched at Pampita and Chino Leunis.

You two are assholes, I can’t believe it“, the announcer of Showmatch: The Academy told the drivers of the cycle. Furious, Chino decided to answer him: “You’re passing the limit, today you set sail, you pissed me off, don’t get out of place, locate yourself, locate yourself“.

Salwe He apologized to them but people destroyed him on social networks for the great lack of respect he had. Like little, alex caniggia crossed paths with Martin after the strong phrase that the journalist threw at Lissa Vera about 10 million pesos.

You joined a bad strategy of Turco García, terrible, with your friend Locho who always beat him up, with Alex who sent you to the H and is the kid who least deserves a prize of 10 million pesos“He launched. It was then that Caniggia faced him very angry.

As if that were not enough, Gabriel Oliveri crossed paths with Martín Salwe. It all happened when the manager was angry at a terrible joke he suffered: “But I’m not playing a game that you guys can play with each other because I’m doing something else at the hotel. It’s another my responsibility“.

Seeing the tape where Oliveri is very angry with the participants while Martín Salwe laughs, people wrote: “While Gabriel Oliveri gives them a lesson in humility and respect, some laugh“. Furious, the famous replied: “I wanted to kick him out and they didn’t let me“.

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