From the movie: they were shipwrecked in Brazil and saved by a message in a bottle

On April 13, the Brazilian Navy rescued six crew members from a desert island of the Bom Jesús, a boat that had shipwrecked 17 days ago. But it was not luck that brought the navy to its location: as in one of the most epic movies of Hollywoodtwo of the crew had sent a distress message in a bottlea message that ended up saving their lives.

Jefferson Marcos dos Santos, one of the crew members of the Bom Jesús, was unemployed. In statements to the newspaper Or Liberalthe Brazilian confessed that he decided to take the trip as a driver to get to pay the monthly bills, taking advantage of his education as a machine assistant. But this quick raid to collect some bills would cost him more than expected.

In the early morning of March 28, during the route between the municipalities of Chaves and Soure, in Ilha do Marajó, the sea turned against the sailors. A strong storm darkened the sky and shook the Bom Jesus off course. In the midst of the chaos, a fire in the kitchen of the boat ended up spreading and reaching the compartment where it is located. the fuel tank.

The captain tried to control the ship to see if he could find a place near the shore. But after the boat started to catch fire, the solution was to get some buoys and try swimming to a nearby beach“recalled do Santos, quite excited, for the Brazilian publication.

The place that Jeferson refers to is Island of the Arrowsabout 150 kilometers from the city of Belem, near where the boat sank and where the group remained waiting for rescue. And waiting was what they did. Dividing the few food rations they managed to salvage from the boat and drinking rainwaterthe six survivors spent hours and hours looking out to sea, dreaming of spotting a friendly vessel.

But the days passed, and both the food and the hopes of a rescue diminished. It was then that the golden idea arose: Joelson Silva daCosta and Jeferson himself decided they had nothing more to lose, and they wrote a message in a bottle. They tied the bottle to a buoy, so that it could be seen more easily and would not fall to the bottom of the sea, and they let it drift away with the tide.

The castaways called for help with an improvised message in a bottle. (Brazilian Navy)

Dated April 9, the note contained a desperate cry for help with an indication of where the crew was: “Help help! We need help, our ship caught fire. We’ve been on Flexas Island for 13 days without eating.. notify our family“Said the message, which ended with the phone numbers of the relatives of the six crew members.

There are many films set at sea that show, at one point, a message in a bottle. The truth is that the practice has its historical presence: centuries ago, sailors in river areas took advantage of the movement of water to send these letters. The method was unreliable and easily replaced with new technologies, but sometimes there is nothing more effective what an old fashioned trick.

That little bottle tied to a ball did what it had to do: it drifted along the coast of Pará and, after a few days, was found by some fishermen that were in the coastal region of the island. The sailors followed the instructions on the paper and called the families of the lost, who in turn contacted the Brazilian Navy, which had been looking for the group of castaways for days.

All six crew members were in good health.

The rescue of the crew members was carried out by the Super Cougar helicopter, which took them to Belém last Wednesday night. Despite being weakened, they were all in good health.. Even so, they were treated at the Hospital of the 4th Naval District and then transferred to the Emergency Care Unit (UPA) of the Sacramenta neighborhood for further analysis.

The crew of the boat were identified as: Antônio Oliveira, mechanical engineer; Leilane Carla Ferreira, cook; Christian de Azevedo, sailor; Joelson da Silva, responsible for the cargo; Valdeney Dolzanes and Jeferson Marques dos Santos, machinist.

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