"Fresh air": the special link between Litto Nebbia and Córdoba

I have a copy of the vinyl in my house We came from the boatsIn very good condition by the way. An object manufactured 40 years ago, with an inconceivable useful life today. It is not the same to see the thumbnail of the cover on the Spotify platform or on the cover of YouTube: mounted especially for the album -photo of Olkar Ramírez- in the image you can see the newcomers in their diversity of origins: Italians, Arabs , Eastern Europeans. When the ships arrived in Argentina, everything had to be done.

On the back cover, Nebbia begins with these lines: “In Córdoba there is a large group of young musicians called The Musicians of the Center. For a long time I have been a friend of the oldest of all those people, Juan Carlos Ingaramo, an excellent composer who, like many people from the interior, is massively unknown”.

"Fresh air": the special bond between Litto Nebbia and Córdoba

The collaborations and joint work between the people of Cordoba and Rosario would continue for years. Three decades after We arrived…Mingui’s son, Juan Ingaramo (Córdoba, 1987), is part of Fresh air, also made up of Daniel Homer (Córdoba, 1948). A group that accompanied Nebbia for some years and was eventually joined by the flutes of Leopoldo Deza.

The trio’s first record work was a publication entitled: Fresh air (Melopea, 2012) is made up of 16 songs. As its back cover says, the album travels through universes that we could label under the broad roof of “world music”: “An album for the love of bossa nova and Musical Comedy”.

Rock is not missing on the album. Nor the funky airs, present in new plan. There is candombe and beat in this great version of Devil’s Restaurant:

Devil’s Restaurant

“I like to write your name on the walls of the neighborhood”

Difficult to choose a Nebbia album. It implies arbitrarily choosing and leaving out dozens of albums, which in turn implies leaving out a variety of facets of the artist. Nebbia says that his surname -niebla, in Italian- appears in print on at least 1,000 editorial works: records, books, his own and in collaboration with others. He is on the brink of 1,300 songs of his own. More goals than Pelé.

I think I heard Nebbia say, or perhaps read it somewhere, that he intended to work on that entire catalog cultivated over more than five decades of music and bohemia. The goal was to put the corpus in order. I don’t know if he has. I don’t know if he can do it. Nebbia does not stop recording and releasing new albums, publishing part of his archive, composing new songs. He is of the breed of composers who believes that every morning the best song of his life can appear. That last sentence belongs.

In this medley, Litto opens with “People who don’t know what they want.” In “Aire fresco” there is a version of this song that also appeared in 1982 on the album “Just about living”.

In 2021 the National University of Cordoba He proposed to publish his lyrics. Of the 1,300 songs, she chose 268. Nebbia’s lyrics (Editorial UNC, 2021) are accompanied by an instrumental CD, as if the book were the script of the ups and downs of a life and he had to put music to that strangely familiar abstract film.

An admirer of classic cinema, the nouvelle vague, good films, among his latest recordings there are tributes to these aesthetics. It is the case of Notebooks of the French cinema of the 60s, intervened in his cover art by his wife, the painter Alexandra Deluca. There are moods and sounds that refer to Godard, Truffaut, Agnés Varda…

On Nebbia’s lyricsthe author told Página/12: “This selection is ordered chronologically, to be able to see the changes that occurred in the composition, some caused by the passage of time, by its own growth, and others by the search for an aesthetic evolution, although in all the authors there are themes that are perpetual concerns in their lives”.

“I like to write your name on the walls of the neighborhood.” Litto’s emotional presentation at Lollapalooza 2022, on March 19 at the San Isidro Racecourse, accompanied by the Corley brothers from Los Reyes del Falsete. Here the acoustic guitar gives a blues and folk tone to the section.

his last album I’ll never find a home like the one in me It is composed of 16 songs, 13 of them unreleased. Due to the effect of black and white and the framing, one might think that the creature on the cover is little Felix. It’s Laia, his granddaughter. Nebbia says he recognizes her look and gesture in the girl.

"Fresh air": the special bond between Litto Nebbia and Córdoba

I do not allow. She is in your hands. Horizon Song. Docks and stations. Whoever wants to hear let him hear. the raft It’s only about living. Let me find happiness. There is no time to lose. The operation is simple. Now. They are all great titles of their songs. Nebbia’s work condenses a central theme in variants. “In all the authors there are themes that are perpetual concerns. In my case, one is freedom”.

Tomorrow is not better, yesterday does not exist. Now It is the time of freedom:

“Personally, it gives me a lot of emotion that some of my songs with popular roots have their harmonic and melodic complexity”.

"Fresh air": the special bond between Litto Nebbia and Córdoba

maybe i chose Fresh air for, as it says Sweet melody“there are times when a memory comes for me / without warning”. Little light is an instrumental version -my favorite track on the album- of the song that appeared for the first time on the album Believe Recorded in Mexico in 1980. Lost Woman Rock belongs to the homonymous album of Los Gatos from 1970 and Woman of the 1,000 days to the composer’s first solo album, circa 1969. I hope you listen to it in its entirety.

For those who wish to specify the extravagance that buying a physical record means, they can access Melopea’s spectacular catalog and order the records here.

full disc in Spotify:

Also available in Youtubewith their songs separately:

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