Follow here the morning conference of President López Obrador.

Photo: Cuartoscuro. Follow here the morning conference of President López Obrador.

  • The President sends recognition to Mexican basketball player Juan Toscanpo for winning the NBA championship
  • The President points out that he was very pleased with the triumph of Gustavo Petro in Colombia, “I cannot hide it” he highlights and anticipates that today cumbia will be heard in the morning
  • The SSPC reports that the daily average of intentional homicides -in the period January-May 2022- is 84, a reduction of 10.8% compared to the same period in 2021
  • The SSPC reports that between January and May 2022 -compared to the same period in 2021- there was a 16.3% decrease in intentional homicide in the country’s 50 priority municipalities
  • The SSPC reports that in May 2022 femicide decreased 31.2% compared to the historical maximum of August 2021
  • The National Guard reports that between January and June 2022 it supported the National Commission for the Search of Persons on 201 occasions; the Guard has 689 troops deployed for these tasks
  • The Semar indicates that there was a 6% increase in the collection of taxes in the customs that it is in charge of: it went -in May 2021- from 48,264,005,900 million pesos to 51,254,200,000 million pesos in the same period of 2022
  • Sedena reports that between May and June it made five relevant arrests: – Óscar N «Mando Mosca», regional head of the CDG/CJNG alliance in Zacatecas
    – José Carlos N “El chamucho”
    – Marco Antonio N “El Tony”
    – Carlos Alfredo N (the three related to the “Arellano Félix”)
    – Carlos N «El Guile» relevant operator in the «huachicol» of the «Cenobios» group
  • Regarding the lynching of Daniel Picazo in Huauchinango, Puebla, the President points out that “this is prohibited, it also means an unjust, inhuman act” but that the authorities are working to resolve the case; he asks people to trust
  • López Obrador points out that a country was inherited -from the neoliberal administrations- in decline because the Government was dedicated to looting, or facilitating looting “that was the main objective of the Government”
  • The President highlights that in less than four years a state of force of 118,188 members of the National Guard has been formed, compared to the 40,000 members of the Federal Police that the Calderón government had at the time
  • López Obrador indicates that organized crime groups financed campaigns in the municipalities, and in exchange they requested to appoint the local security chief
  • The President indicates that now that the US reported that García Luna would have threatened and bribed journalists, the media in Mexico did not mention it “it did not appear on the ‘telera'”
  • The President points out that there is no evidence that he has links to organized crime; he highlights that a study followed up on the case and found that it was a campaign that was launched
  • López Obrador indicates that he trusts the governor of Veracruz, Cuitláhuac García “he is incapable of fabricating crimes”
  • I am happy because we are beginning a new stage in the resurgence of democratic movements with a social dimension in our America, Latin America and the Caribbean: AMLO on Petro’s victory in Colombia
  • “Yesterday’s was a historic victory and yesterday I spoke to him to congratulate him”: López Obrador on Gustavo Petro’s victory in Colombia