Follow López Obrador's morning conference here.

Photo: Cuartoscuro. Follow López Obrador’s morning conference here.

  • The President points out that the clearest example of impunity in the Government is the case of Genaro García Luna in the six-year term of Felipe Calderón “and when those extremes are reached there is no way out, there it is to hit rock bottom and stay”
  • The SSPC reports that with the recent arrests of 3 members of the Cyclones “with which practically all the heads, leaders of this criminal group are detained”
  • The SSPC reports that two allegedly involved in the lynching of Daniel Picazo were arrested, bringing the number of people detained for the events in Huauchinango, Puebla.
  • The SSPC reports that on June 22, Jonathan N “El Camaney”, brother-in-law of José Bernabé N “La Vaca”, the main generator of violence in Colima, was arrested.