Fernando Bécquer appeals conviction for sexual assault

Cuban troubadour Fernando Bécquer appealed a sentence of five years of correctional labor without internment for committing sexual abuse against women.

The Cuban Claudia Expósito, one of the complainants in this case, reported on Facebook that the attacker “appealed, that the case will go to the Provincial Court,” while “the revictimization of the complainants and survivors continues.”

The trial took place last October and lasted more than 12 hours, during which time some 30 victims testified against the troubadour for committing violent actions of a sexual nature without your consent.

Post by Claudia Exposito. Facebook

The Cuban Penal Code stipulates that the person sentenced to correctional work without internment, is obliged to show, with a good attitude in the workplace where he is placed, that he has understood the objectives that are pursued with the sanction.

The case for sexual violence against Bécquer –an official troubadour who has tried to hide behind his “services to the revolution” to avoid a conviction– was uncovered in December 2021 by the independent magazine The sneeze and demonstrated that in Cuba there are women who are victims of gender violence without having full access to justice.

In this regard, Expósito, who is an audiovisual producer, urged the authorities to approve a Law against gender violence.

He argued the urgency of this mechanism with some facts of the daily life of the country.

He recounted that a few days ago on a bus on Route 27 a man masturbated in his presence, taking advantage of the fact that the bus was full of passengers. “I notice a man who takes advantage, I try to look back, down and it’s over, his seminal fluids drip from him and me, that’s disgusting that’s very difficult to erase,” he said.

Expósito also reproduced in his post a conversation that three men had next to the stairs of his building, and that confirms the prevalence of child violence in the context of scarcity that the island is experiencing.

“Next to the stairs is a garage, inside they talk and have beers three male voices, they discuss whether to leave or stay in the country. One explains in detail that he is staying, that no matter how bad things are, he can do what he wants here. What does he want:
— In which country can I sleep with girls? In another place one looks for a mess! This is where only one can, without anything happening to him.
“And cheap,” the other male voice notes.
— For nothing… if they are there, they give it away!”
he heard them say.

“We can’t keep waiting, we can’t not realize that the problem is serious, very serious! For a law against gender violence NOW! “, she stressed.

In addition to not having laws against gender violence, Cuba does not criminalize femicide in its penal code either. After learning about the lightness of the sanction against Bécquer, several women considered that this “is not enough, it never will be, but we are setting a precedent.”

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