Fernanda Iglesias recalled her affair with Martín Bossi and revealed what it was like in private: “She sang to me like…”

Days ago, the dancer Mommy Giardina gave an interview on the radio program he hosts Dahlia Gutman and in that back and forth he told how his relationship of almost four years with Martin Bossifrom whom he separated when he saw him on the cover of a magazine with another famous woman.

Likewise, the dancer and actress confessed that the anguish of the moment was such that she ended up taking antidepressants. Echoing the news and being that she was the third in discord and the cause of that separation, Fernanda Iglesias he broke the silence on LAM and relived his affair with the impersonator.

I went out with Bossi for 3 months, very intense. For me we were boyfriends. I met him when he worked at Duro de Domar, the guy fucks I played football with him, who was not yet very well known, and he told me that his friend liked me. One day I was with a boyfriend, I got mad at him, and I told Chavo to call me Bossi. I started going out with him, I met his parents, his friends”the journalist began.

I knew that Momi had been a girlfriend because he told me that he had already broken up. Bossi dated a bunch of celebrities. He is very phobic. He makes you the boyfriend and when he sees that he is engaged he leaves. He left me half to give ball that I think he left with Anabel CherubitoIglesias continued.

It was then that both the little angels and himself Angel of Brito They were curious and interested in wanting to know what the actor’s performance was like in private. To which, modest when airing this type of information, Fernanda launched: “He is a liar”.

“He’s a liar, passionate. At the time he was dating me, he was in love with Marco Antonio Solís and he sang to me: There is nothing more difficult than living without you…”Iglesias explained.

“From 1 to 10? I can not say that. It’s okay. I am ashamed to say this. He is passionate. Talkative? If I made characters? At the time he went out with me he was cool with Marco Antonio Solis. He sang to me: There is nothing more difficult than living without you…. ”, revealed the guest journalist causing laughter and laughter on the floor.

It was then that, faithful to his frontal and spontaneous style, from the humor Yanina Latorre Shooting: “I get depressed if he gives me the rattle and sings that to me”. Finally, Iglesias herself tried to close the issue and concluded: “Es this moment Martín Bossi is throwing himself off the balcony”.

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