Feminist collective accuses Mafian TV of profiting from the case of Debanhi Escobar

NUEVO LEÓN.- Through social networks, the feminist collective The Sea Witches launched a petition for the youtubers and influencers do not profit from cases of femicide, such as that of Debanhi Escobar.

They recalled that Debanhi Escobar disappeared on April 9, 2022 in Escobedo, Nuevo León, after attending a party in the Nueva Castilla neighborhood; after 13 days of searching, his body was found in the cistern of a motel in the area.

They pointed out that at the moment, the lines of investigation and the due process They continue to be run over between leaks to the media of the expert reports, false informationunsupported speculations and hypotheses, re-victimization, media, institutional and symbolic violence.


Using the change.org platform, the collective argued that after the search and discovery of the body of Debanhi Escobarthe case aroused interest and popularity, something that was used in networks.

They directly pointed out that Fabián Pasos has earned thousands of dollars profiting from the Debanhi case through his YouTube channel “Mafian TV”.

Such is the case of Fabián Pasos (MafianTv), who made 23 videos on the subject with more than two million views each on YouTube.a fact that the platform decorated with a plaque of 1 million subscribers and payments of thousands of dollars through the monetization of their videos, as can be verified through the metrics analysis site “Social Blade”. “This is not counting the money received on YouNow, Facebook and Twitch where he was also uploading content that generated morbidity among the audiences to continue profiting at the expense of the disappearance and femicide of Debanhi and her family,” they detailed.

For this reason, they called on network users for platforms to Do not allow the monetization of content related to cases of violence against women, which has 2,653 signatures so far.

They ask not to monetize content of violence against women

They noted the urgency for platforms do not allow the monetization of content related to cases of violence against women.

Do you think that if MafianTv couldn’t monetize the videos they made about Debanhi, they would have made TWENTY FOUR? Do you think that if there was no retribution, I would look for how to feed the curiosity to gain followers and reproductions? We don’t, that’s why we sign “

In addition to this, they argued that if a person feels the desire to inform or share their opinions about a case, can’t profit from it and in this way it is possible to stop encouraging and rewarding these characters who, far from seeking the truth, re-victimize and carry out femicides and disappearances of girls and women “a morbid and violent show”.

It may interest you: Second autopsy, requested by the family of Debanhi Escobar independently, revealed that the young woman was murdered and suffered sexual abuse.

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