Femicide of Celeste Miranda: the allegations will be next Tuesday

The criminal prosecutor of the Unit for Serious Attacks against the People of Tartagal, Gonzalo Vega, represents the Public Prosecutor’s Office before Room I of the Trial Court of that district, in the debate hearing against Carlos Góngora, Reynaldo Nicolás Romero and Carlos Ezequiel Martínez as perpetrators of the crime of double qualified homicide to the detriment of Celeste Yanet Miranda, occurred in the month of April 2019 in the city of Boat.

During the day this Thursday, among the witnesses cited, they declared From graduates in Criminalistics who took part in the investigation, carrying out the sampling and then the odorological examination on the victim’s body. They explained in detail how the expertise was carried out and its scope.

Declared two witnesses working at a service station and that they saw the victim the night of his disappearance. They were also screened two filmed statements of witnesses who could not appear in person.

Judge Ricardo Martoccia ordered that between this Friday and next Monday the round of testimonies be concluded and that the pleadings of the parties occur the next Tuesday, November 2.

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