Facundo Torres: “When Schiaretti decides, Llaryora’s candidacy will be made official”

“I don’t see myself in any formula,” confessed Facundo Torres in the program’s living room TV Bishop. The Secretary of Government was invited to talk about the definitions of We Do for Córdoba on the way to 2023 and was also consulted on whether or not the request of the mayors to be allowed to present themselves for a third administration is advancing.

“We must electorally strengthen the party and I think I add little,” he continued about his possible place as a candidate.

However, he provided clarity on the names handled by the Cordoban ruling party. “Martín Llaryora is a leader of great stature, he has been lieutenant governor, deputy, minister and mayor of San Francisco, his management in the capital city is excellent. Surely it will be made official at the moment that our party and Schiaretti arrange it, ”he said on the screen of Channel 10.

Facundo Torres, Secretary of Government, on Alfil TV – Open Writing

In any case, he maintained that they do not want to rush: “I don’t know who would be Llaryora’s partner, we are in full management. It is a moment to be calm”.

In addition, he made it clear that the decisions in his political force are made by the governor.

“He is the great leader and driver. He even surpasses his own figure, without realizing he has generated a political ideological current within Cordovan Peronism. His imprint is so strong and marked that of course our mayors will advance accordingly. It’s the big HCP computer,” he commented.

In this sense, he clarified that the party’s militancy can have reactions such as creating spaces to debate, such as the recent “Generation X”, which he considered “healthy, as long as it is organic and is conducted by the governor’s guidelines” .

Facundo Torres, Secretary of Government, on Alfil TV – Open Writing


During his presence in TV BishopTorres was asked about the real possibilities that the “re-election” project would materialize and his answer was direct:

“In the Province-Municipalities Table there was never an agenda, it is not in the order of priorities of the Executive, if we had not already addressed it, we have not taken the issue as our own.”

For the Secretary of Government, the scope for this debate is the legislature and it will not take place at the Table because it does not address political or partisan issues, “and this is a question of the mayors and communal chief.” However, he clarified that each one has different positions on the matter, “some want to go through the courts for retroactivity, others to modify the article in question.”

Facundo Torres, Secretary of Government, on Alfil TV – Open Writing

So, the opposition mayors plan to formally request the Unicameral to modify the impossibility of aspiring to a third term. If Law 10,406 were modified, more than 280 community leaders could access this benefit, of which 140 are Peronists.

The Secretary of Government stated: “Córdoba is the province with the greatest administrative centralization in the country, with the largest number of cities and communes. And the province has a very federal job with the 427 mayors and communal chiefs. That is why we listen to your claim, we understand it to be legitimate, but they are the rules of the game imposed since 2016 by a Law that establishes something healthy, which is eight years of management for a local official.”

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