Ex-father-in-law allegedly planned Saíd’s murder in Torreón and was already linked to the process

His ex-father-in-law was the one who planned and ordered the murder of Saíd Pérez Hinojo, 32, in a crime that occurred on the morning of Wednesday, June 15, in Torreón.

As reported, it was hours after the murder recorded at the intersection of Rodríguez Triana Boulevard and Laguna Sur Boulevard, in front of the Las Dalias neighborhood, that the authorities of the State Attorney General’s Office arrested Raymundo “NN”, 55 years old. old, determined perpetrator of what was previously known as mastermind of the murder of his former son-in-law Said.

The first line of investigation established that the man paid third parties for the murder to be committed.

Raymundo was taken to a hearing, where they formulated the accusation, same in which the control judge issued an order linking him to the process and a precautionary measure of preventive detentionso he is already in the cells of Cereso de Torreón.

It was last Wednesday morning when an intense police mobilization was generated after the occupants of a motorcycle intercepted Saíd, driver of a white Fiat car, and opened fire on him, unloading 15 shots that caused immediate death.

On the day of the attack, Said was accompanied by her sister, who was injured in the hand by a shrapnelwhich is already out of danger.

The evidence collected at the crime scene allowed that 7 hours later, the elements of the Criminal Investigation Agency in coordination with agents of the Laguna Reaction Group belonging to the Municipal Police of Torreón, found the whereabouts of Raymundo, who had personal problems with his ex-son-in-law and derived from this, allegedly ordered his death.

At the indictment hearing, the control judge granted the defense of the accused three months of complementary investigationso the legal process he faces will continue during the month of September.

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