Evidence Points to Racist Motivation in Buffalo, New York Supermarket Shooting

At least ten people died this Saturday and three others were injured -mostly black- in a shooting for “racist motivations” carried out by a young white man that occurred in a supermarket in the US town of Buffalo (New York), according to the commissioner of county police officer, Joseph Gramaglia.

Gramaglia confirmed in a press conference that the shooter, an 18-year-old white man, He was heavily armed and dressed in bulletproof military gear.

Four of the victims were supermarket workers.one of them a security guard.

According to the commissioner, who stressed that the evidence indicates that the attacker had racist motives, eleven of the victims were black and two of them white.

According to his account, the attacker traveled several hours to reach the “Tops” supermarket, located near the center of this town in the extreme north of New York, around 2:30 p.m. local time (6:30 p.m. GMT).

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The alleged suspect has already been arrested.

When he got out of his vehicle “he was very heavily armed with tactical gear. He was wearing a military helmet and he was carrying a camera that was broadcasting live what he was doing.”

In the parking lot of the shopping center he shot four people, of whom three died, and then entered the premises, where he continued shooting.

Inside, the security guard, a retired policeman, tried to stop him by firing several shots at the attacker, hitting the protective gear he was wearing.

the mugger He killed the guard and continued shooting at other customers and workers until the police arrived.

When officers arrived, the assailant walked to the store entrance and put his own gun to his neck, but after officers spoke with him, he stripped off the gear he was wearing and surrendered.

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