Employee served cold fries and was shot to death by customer at a fast food outlet

The famous fast food chains often receive complaints and claims from customers for poor service or a poorly placed order. However, a young employee was shot dead because he would have served a portion of cold fries. The shocking case happened in front of all the diners in a popular gastronomic business in USA.

It is about Matthew Webbwho was only 23 years old and worked in a branch of McDonald’s in New York. In an unprecedented situation, the employee handed him some cold fries and a violent client shot him with a firearm.

On the other hand, Michael Morgan20, is the main suspect in the police case that shook the most famous city in USA.

As a result of the heinous cold-blooded murder, he now faces charges of manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon. This is because she was not legally registered.

According to the site ABC7 about the crime, the witnesses who witnessed it told the authorities that Morgan’s mother was the one who complained about the cold fries to the victim. It was for this unusual reason that he confronted the employee Mathew.

Mathew Webb, the McDonal’s employee murdered in the United States.

Far from being resolved quickly with a change of product, the discussion about the side dish began to change tone and rose to attract the attention of everyone present in the room.

Later, the annoying client called her son to continue with the controversial and violent claim. In this way, from one second to another, the savage attacker first kicked Webb in the face to knock him to the ground. Moments later he pulled out his firearm and shot her at point-blank range. McDonald’s.

The victim, who was a native of the district of Queens, received the impact of a bullet last Monday, August 1. The shot caused brain death and the family had to make the sad decision to disconnect it. Finally, the “crew” passed away on Wednesday, August 3.

The criminal record of the attacker of the McDonal’s

Before the violent attack, the police went to the gastronomic place and arrested the young attacker. Next to him they took his girlfriend handcuffed, camellia dunlap18, who also ended up accused of illegally carrying weapons.

When giving his testimony to the police, Morgan revealed details about a crime prior to the one committed at the fast food joint. This other crime had been committed on October 21, 2020, just six blocks from the branch where he murdered the employee.

Not a minor fact is that this previous victim was identified as Kevin Holloman, 28 years old, and that he would be the cousin of a person who had conflicts with the aggressor. Although Morgan’s primary target was the victim’s cousin, Kevin He was the one who lost his life.

Meanwhile, it is expected that the Prosecutor’s Office in charge of the case will carry out the investigation to advance quickly and that Justice will convict the attacker.

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