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When asked about this issue, the head of state commented: “There are alerts, it’s normal. It’s not the first time they’ve been raised. We have a Democracy Plan with the deployment of the public force (Army, Police) and we have to guarantee full exercise of Colombians to go to the polls and choose”.

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President Iván Duque referred to the preparation for the development of the elections.

Duque also emphasized that the electoral result of the Second round and noted that we must “make respect the verdict of the pollsthat is also the cornerstone of our democracy.

On the possibility of occurrence excesses after the ballot, the president affirmed that “we have seen situations of this nature in the country in the past.”

In addition, he added that during the campaigns “irrationality has also been seen, we have also seen people who have made those calls [a hacer desmanes]”.

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“We have seen that the public force has been advancing captures people who were in excesses or promoting violence or executing acts of violence in the past that have also been reviewed by Colombian judges,” he mentioned.

First Line Captures

There are 20 captured in operations against the so-called First Line.

Finally, Iván Duque assured that he and his work team are “ready to start working with the president-elect starting Monday.”

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