Deputies: the Argentine Sign Language project obtained half a sanction unanimously

With the presence in the premises of deaf organizations and a sign interpreter from the staff of the Chamber of Deputies, who participated throughout that debate transmitting in that language what was being said, the lower house gave half a sanction this Thursday, for 229 votes in favor, to the project that recognizes the Argentine Sign Language (LSA) throughout the national territory.

After informing that the initiative was approved unanimously, the president of the parliament, Cecilia Moreau, announced that the half sanction of the project would be immediately transferred to the Senate to begin its rapid processing there.

The initiative recognizes LSA as a natural and original language, which forms an intangible historical legacy as part of the linguistic identity and cultural heritage of deaf people throughout the national territory, and which guarantees their participation and full inclusion, as well as also of people who, for whatever reason, choose to communicate in that language.

Regarding its definition, the text states that “LSA has a complete, complex grammatical structure that is different from Spanish” and “because it is visual, it is completely accessible from the perceptual point of view for deaf people, as well as for all people”.

This will be under the objectives of having an effective and full accessibility to social life; eliminate communication and attitudinal barriers; equalize opportunities tending to promote and strengthen independence, personal autonomy and decision-making; and design and execute strategies that ensure communication accessibility in all public policies aimed at society.

The project that arrived at the venue was the product of a consensus between proposals promoted by deputies Lucila Masin (FdT), Leonardo Grosso (FdT) and Julio Cobos (UCR).

At the end of the interventions of the legislators from different blocs, Grosso asked his peers not to listen to him and to only see him on the screen and he spoke in sign language and expressed to them: “What the deputies are feeling right now, members of the deaf community feel every day when sign language cannot be used, when the State does not guarantee accessibility”.

And he clarified: “I said thank you president, we are debating here the Argentine sign language law and this allows us to build a different floor of rights and equality in Argentina, which we did not have”, in this context, he highlighted the consensus reached arrived for the bill to obtain the half sanction.

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