Deputies gave half a sanction to the Zero Alcohol Driving Law with broad political agreement

Currently there a tolerance of 0.5 grams of alcohol per liter of blood for drivers of four-wheeled vehicles; for motorcycles or mopeds the limit is up to 0.2 grams and for passenger and cargo transportation zero is required.

Nevertheless, 7 provinces have hardened the position so that no driver circulates with alcohol in their blood, among them Salta, Córdoba, Tucumán, Jujuy, Entre Ríos, Río Negro and Santa Cruz.

And it was surprising that, in commissions, the idea of ​​modifying the national standard obtain the support of the Frente de Todos and Juntos por el Cambiowith contributions from the Ministry of Transportation and the Secretariat of Comprehensive Drug Policies of the Argentine Nation (SEDRONAR). An unusual tune.

to generate yet more stir for these lands, the half sanction occurred just on the date that celebrates the wine day.

“War of lobbyists”

Many read the situation as a “lobby war”, where the associations of relatives of accident victims on the one hand and the viticulture referents on the other tried to expose their reasons and emotions before the legislators. In that struggle, at least for now, the first ones were more successful.

Among the data used by those who voted in favour, is the fact that “road accidents are the leading cause of death among those under 35 years of age in Argentina”and -of course- associated this phenomenon with alcohol consumption.

Politicians from Mendoza and San Juan criticized the initiative. Meanwhile, the Argentine Wine Corporation (Coviar) anticipated that the proposal would pass the filter of the Lower House and requested that efforts be redoubled to stop it in the senate.

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political climate

The situation marked the political climate of the week in Mendoza.

Some references of the Frente de Todos they opted for silencewhile the national senator Mariana Jury (UCR) -during his time on program #7D, on Channel 7- he wondered if his colleague Anabel Fernandez Sagasti (PJ) could have pulled more strings to avoid half penalty.

Mariana Juri in 7D.jpg

Senator Mariana Juri criticized Anabel Fernández Sagasti during her time on program #7D, on Channel 7.

In any case, the modification of the law 24,449 that was voted is conclusive: “It is prohibited to drive any type of vehicle with a blood alcohol level greater than zero milligrams per liter of blood”.

There were some legislators who qualified, stressing that the rule would be applied on national routes or those under federal jurisdiction. Others assured that the provinces they could interpret in their own way the axes of the Nation. We will have to see how it turns out the fine print in the Senate to analyze these points.

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Complaints from some Mendoza over the Zero Alcohol Law

the deputy Jimena Latorre (UCR) described the modification as “a catchphrase”.

“Addressing such a sensitive issue without responsibility makes us fall into the demagogy -opined-. The criterion to know if we are doing the right thing is: is it going to change something? Is it going to change the reality that knocks on the doors of our homes?“.

Latorre warned that the change will not reduce road accidents. “And if we are not capable of passing the initiatives through the efficiency sieve; If we cannot evaluate the possible, desired and achievable results of the methods we apply, we will not be able to offer solutions to Argentines“, I consider.

He further cited that in Spain the tolerance is 0.2 and in the United Kingdom it is 0.8, the same as in the United States. “In Uruguay it went to 0 and they already have projects to return to 0.5 because they have realized that the change did not have an impact on the accident rate,” he said.

In the next video You can see part of what Mendoza expressed:

To its turn, Eber Perez Plaza (PJ) pointed out that he does not believe in prohibitions. “Nothing is going to cure the pain of a mother who lost her son, but that has nothing to do with prohibiting but with regulate better and toughen penalties“.

And anticipating his vote against, he justified: “I have to think like a producerby the productive sector and by each winery that works in Mendoza”.

As Pérez Plaza spoke, exclamations were heard by activists present at the venue, who defended the toughening of the legislation.

Adolfo Bermejo zero alcohol.jpg

Adolfo Bermejo (PJ) voted for  in favor of the half penalty.

Adolfo Bermejo (PJ) voted in favor of the half penalty.

another peronist, Adolfo Bermejo, it was in the opposite direction. “I come to support this project with great conviction (…) The Association of Relatives of Victims, the Ministry of Health, the Road Safety Agency and Cedronar worked on it,” she recalled.

“Mendoza may or may not adhere to the criteria of this law” (Adolfo Bermejo, representative of the Frente de Todos) “Mendoza may or may not adhere to the criteria of this law” (Adolfo Bermejo, representative of the Frente de Todos)

Then he compared: “If today we have zero alcohol for the transport of loads and passengers, Why are we not going to apply it when we take our families in a vehicle?“.

Near the end, Bermejo considered that “Mendoza has its own traffic law and the governor may or may not adhere to the criteria of this law, which is a leap in defense of life“.

For his part, Marisa Uceda (FdT) was one of four abstentions.

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