Daniel Quintero: Council of State admits guardianship against his suspension – Courts – Justice

The guardianship is also directed against the Presidency of the Republic which, in compliance with the decision, appointed Juan Camilo Restrepo as mayor in charge.

In addition, he linked councilor Simón Molina Gómez and deputy Luis Peláez, who were the people who filed the disciplinary complaint against the regional president, to deliver a concept if they wish.

Likewise, the suspended mayor Quintero and the mayor in charge Restrepo Gómez may send their respective writs of guardianship response to the high court.

“Reviewed the decisions subject to protection and the reasons given by the plaintiff to request the provisional suspension of its effects, in the opinion of the Office, they are not sufficient to decree the precautionary measure in question, since the plaintiff did not provide any evidence tending to demonstrate the existence of irreparable damage or imminent damage to his rights, which he considers violated, due to the provisional suspension of Mr. Daniel Quintero Calle’s exercise of office as Mayor of the Municipality of Medellín, through the acts questioned”.

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