Dangerous hole in front of a children’s circle in Pinar del Río

A dangerous hole several meters deep is kept open in front of a Children circle in Pinewood of the riveraccording to a complaint reported on networks.

“We see open, a hole many meters deep, in front of a Children’s Circle. It is the entrance to a military tunnel. They moved the cover, and they did not put it back in its place, ”the profile denounced this Wednesday in Facebook of the user who identifies himself as The Keeper of Breath.

The publication also refers to the fact that “they placed a log to avoid falling in a certain way. There are many children who leave the place every day. They are mischievous and curious. If a mother dawdles, and the infant slips out of her hand, she may go straight into danger, losing her balance and falling headlong. At that point, it’s certain death.”

Capture Facebook/ The Keeper of Breath.

The text also shares photos of the hole, more like a well, which is kept open at the doors of the nursery, without any sign of danger.

The complaint points out that the leaders and workers of the day care center turn a blind eye and let the situation slide.

In the comments of the publication, other users corroborate the existence of this dangerous hole, which is rather the entrance to an underground tunnel.

Capture Facebook/ The Keeper of Breath.

“That hill of Cuarteles is full of tunnels and holes, at any moment the entire area collapses,” says a comment.

Another Internet user argues that “in addition to the urgent closure of the tunnel, we all had to wonder how many houses would have been built with these materials, which today are just dangerous holes and popular garbage dumps. Na’ that indolence is part of the catharsis that has lasted decades”.

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