Cuban helicopters try to put out the fire at the Matanzas Supertanker Base

Cuban helicopters try to put out the fire in the crude tanks of the Matanzas Supertanker Base, after a lightning bolt caused an explosion that has gotten out of control since Friday.

The official portal Cubadebate He posted images of the aircraft on Facebook and indicated that they are trying to contain the spread of the flames from the air.

In the Noon newscast, Mario Sabines Lorenzo, governor of the province, clarified that the situation was most complex at dawn when the burning tank cracked and a second tank caught fire, causing some explosions.

Said helicopters are pouring water into adjoining tanks to keep them cool and prevent them from catching fire.

The situation is tense in the province of Matanzas, which has forced Cuba to request international advice to countries with experience in oil issues in the face of the incident, said Cubadebate.

He also stated that TV Yumurí cameraman Héctor Naranjo said that he had just landed in the disaster area, where two fuel tanks and an Air Force helicopter had already exploded.

Post on Facebook. Capture

On Friday afternoon, lightning struck one of the crude tanks at the supertanker base in Matanzas, and started a raging, unprecedented fire, which up to now they have not been able to control.

Although at the first hour of the incident the Government of that province reported that there were no victims to mourn, on the morning of this Saturday it acknowledged that the fire in the industrial zone got out of control with several explosions at dawn, after which they reported to the less 67 injured, some very seriously, and 17 missing.

According to a report from the Provincial Government of Matanzas, at 7:20 AM this Saturday at the scene of the fire “there were sufficient forces between tankers and dozens of ambulances.”

Fire of great proportions at the base of Supertankers in Matanzas. Cubadebate

However, the work became more complex because “the strong northeast wind that had been blowing since the afternoon (Friday) was directing the flames towards the other tank with a capacity of 50,000 cubic meters and containing large volumes of fuel,” he added.

Several Internet users asked to deploy all the country’s helicopters to help in the crisis, while some lamented that almost 24 hours after the fire “nothing has been put out.”

“The fire has worsened and the number of victims has increased, victims who are children with no experience in this type of event, without the necessary conditions and equipment. Cuba has no conditions at all, accept help from wherever it comes, they need it. After This is over, the fat leaders sit down and stop building so many hotels, fill their bank accounts and that of their families and prepare for this type of disaster that is totally lost. God protect each person in Matanza, “commented an Internet user in the post of Cubadebate on Facebook.

For the time being, the authorities ordered the massive evacuation of residents near the industrial area of ​​Matanza, as well as the use of masks to avoid breathing the toxic gases that are released from the combustion process.

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