Cristina once again demanded that Alberto regulate imports


Vice President Cristina Kirchner once again called on President Alberto Fernández to regulate imports, stating in a tweet: “It’s about governing”. Thus, he made these demands again at a time of currency bleeding and pressure on the reserves of the Central Bank (BCRA).

In her presentation on Monday at a plenary session of the CTA, Cristina Kirchner had warned about “a festival of imports” and called for “controls.”

Now, the Vice President quoted on Twitter a newspaper article from the dailyAR, and he mentioned “the results of the ‘use of the pen’”, in relation to one of the requests he had made to President Alberto Fernández.

In your social network account, Cristina Kirchner spoke of the need to “generate dollars that the economy demands and genuine work that the people need,” and closed: “I mean… governing, that’s what it’s all about.”.

The article mentioned by the vice president is entitled: “The company that CFK ‘forced’ to export fish to balance imports announced its first shipment of trout to Japan”, and refers to the company Newsan, which states that “it is a leader in importation” of inputs to assemble electrical appliances in Tierra del Fuego and also “the main fish exporter in the country”.

That firm, and others, complied with the demand of the government of Cristina Kirchner in 2011 to “balance the outflow and inflow of dollars.”

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