Cristina Kirchner again asked Alberto Fernández to use the pen

In a plenary session of the CTA, Vice President Cristina Kirchner once again asked Alberto Fernández to use the pen: “There is a festival of imports, it is not so difficult to control that,” he said.

It was this Sunday, after the president led the act for Flag Day.

On stage, Cristina Kirchner was accompanied by the Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat, Jorge Ferraresi, and by the head of the CTA of Argentina, Hugo Yasky, two of the closest leaders.

“For us Avellaneda is one of our houses”, began the Vice President, and then expressed: “I distrust those who do not look at the past. In the past we find the keys, we decode what happened and we can glimpse what can happen. So, glimpsing what was and what is to come, we must act in the present. That is what militancy and political strategy are based on.”

In her message, the vice president maintained that “this implies beginning to decode the meaning of words because, through words, cultural domination begins,” and added: “In the 21st century, we see the formidable attack on the state.”

Along these lines, he targeted those who say that “the State does not work.”

“The first great crisis was that of 2008, I had just taken office as president and the world collapsed. There was no memory of a financial crisis with those characteristics, and we were hit with the crisis of 125, in addition to the split government coalition,” he recalledand remarked: “There, the State ran to help the private system because it did not issue to give to the people, but to give to the market that was broken.”

However, Cristina Kirchner stated that “the crisis of 2008 is still not overcome, part of the problems that the world has is due to that crisis of 2008”.


The second crisis mentioned by the Vice President was the coronavirus pandemic “It was the State that came out to take charge of everything. I want Argentine men and women, beyond their positions, to never confuse the attitude of some official with what that State did in the face of an absolutely unknown phenomenon. Setting up hospitals in record time, putting money in the laboratories so that they could investigate, plus social assistance. The State, again, was there”, she explained.

“What would have been without the State in the pandemic? This is what we have to think about. Is the state necessary or unnecessary? The state is essential. Its reduction is an exercise to look good, occasionally in a television speech. Anyone can say anything that doesn’t matter.”


On the other hand, he affirmed that “the same consultants and economists who go to the television channels and say that the State is to blame for everything that happens to us, and the private sector is only benevolence, tell us that in reality inflation produces the fiscal deficit. But the main problem in Argentina is the bi-monetary economy”.

“We see that Argentina is the third country in evasion in the world and in asset formation in the world. The dollars are abroad and that is the problem we have today: the shortage of dollars and the bi-monetary economy because the dollars to finance imports are formed in assets abroad. It is not that the Argentine economy does not produce dollars, but rather that the Argentine economy produces dollars that evade,” he stated.

Along these lines, he argued: “I think that the Government should think about how to more adequately articulate the Central Bank, the Ministry of Production, AFIP, Customs. It would not be happening because there has been a festival of imports for a long time, it is not so difficult to control this and strategies must be given “.

Likewise, Cristina Kirchner spoke about the internship in the ruling party and warned: “The unity of the Frente de Todos was never and will never be in discussion. It is not my voice, it is the voice of those of us who want to represent the people. We all have to make an effort to look good with each other. I’m not interested in looking good with any official, I care about looking good with society with those who voted for us and I’m not going to give up that”.

“The State must recover, in the name of Perón and Evita, control of the policies that cannot continue to be outsourced,” emphasized the vice president, and concluded: “Winning the elections does not change anything, it is better to stay at home. We must appeal to our best, trust our ideas and talk a lot with people. That can, surely, build a better country.”

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