Covid cases decreased in Mendoza in the last week but positivity increased

Nor was the number of deaths less because now there were three fatalities due to Covid and in the previous week there was only one death.

The new report was prepared taking into account different variables that are evaluated when taking measures based on the progress of the disease. This delivery includes data collected from June 15 to 21, 2022.

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Although it is no longer mandatory, many Mendoza continue to use the mask to prevent Covid infections.

Photo: Martin Pravata

Covid data in Mendoza

As for the amount of COVID-19 cases They registered:

  • Determinations: 4,227
  • Confirmed: 915
  • Deceased 1 and 2 deceased cases notified in SISA (corresponds to people who died with previous dates).

Contagions according to age group

The age group from 15 to 59 years is where more infections occur. It continues to remain at 80.9% of those infected.

The average age of the recovered patients is 41 years, of the deceased 72 years and of the confirmed cases 41 years.

Deaths according to age group

73.7% of the deceased are between 60 and 89 years old and people over 90 years old represent 8.8%.


Regarding the occupational factor, Greater Mendoza is 20% and 14.89% in the entire Mendoza territory.

Source: Ministry of Health of Mendoza.

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