COVID-19: Salta received more than 41 thousand doses of vaccines from Moderna, CanSino and Sputnik V

The Ministry of Public Health received today new games of vaccines against COVID-19, sent by the national government. Is about 5 thousand doses of Modern, 12,600 from CanSino and 23,850 from the second component of Sputnik V.

From the Immunizations program they reported that the biological Modern will be destined for the immunization of the adolescent population and of those who opt for interchangeability of vaccines.

About the arrival of 12,600 doses of CanSino – developed by the pharmaceutical company CanSino Biologics together with the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology -, the head of the Program, Adriana Jure, stated that “according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health of the Nation, This single-dose vaccine is aimed at populations with difficult access, such as homeless people, migrants and else”.

With respect to second component of Sputnik V, Jure argued that “the 23,850 doses are destined who were inoculated with the first dose during the month of mayo”.

This people they should not take turns, otherwise enter the website and select the tab ‘Shifts’ (located in the upper margin), then they must choose the option ‘Second Dose’.

Subsequently, it must select the vaccine applied and the last six numbers of the DNI. There you can see the date, time and place assigned for the second application.

It is remembered that Disponibility of vaccines it depends on the items sent by the national government.

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