Controller notifies the Segpres for a complaint of electoral interventionism

The Comptroller’s Office notified the Segpres of the complaint filed by the DC deputy, Erica Aedo, for a possible case of electoral interventionism, after the Government called on the ruling parties to agree on the reforms to an eventual new Constitution in case he wins the Approve.

The Comptroller General of the Republic notified this Friday the Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency (security), due to the complaint made by deputy Eric Aedo (DC), for possible electoral interventionism.

Aedo submitted a letter to the Comptroller asking it to investigate the recent statements by the Segpres minister, Giorgio Jackson, for receiving “the proposals for the approval reform, because they are the greatest sign of electoral interventionism that I have seen since October of year 1988 in the midst of the dictatorship”.

This is because at the beginning of the week, President Gabriel Boric called on the ruling parties to submit proposals -through the Segpres- to carry out reforms to the Constitution, in case the Approval wins.

Aedo assured that this government strategy shows that the video of the PS deputy, Leonardo Soto, was not a mistake, and that the Approval campaign is being organized from La Moneda.

“What Minister Jackson has done is publicly acknowledge that what Deputy Leonardo Soto said in a video was not a mistake, indeed the Approval campaign it is taken from La Moneda and a confession on the part, relay of evidence and therefore the Chilean men and women await a response from the Comptroller General of the Republic”, added Aedo.

Other allegations of electoral interventionism

The Comptroller’s Office has initiated different summaries and opened an investigation against the Segegob after other complaints of electoral interventionism, which is entering the execution of the campaign called “creative concept and audiovisual production in the framework”.

From the Executive they have ruled out any type of interventionism, even on Sunday, the Segpres minister, Giorgio Jackson, affirmed that the Government has complied with the principle of disregard.

“It seems to me that they do not have any basis because the disregard that is expressed in an opinion in the Comptroller’s Office refers to not using public resources nor within working hours to demonstrate for a specific option and The Government has fully complied with that”Jackson said.

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