Conclave of the Mexican opposition

With a view to defining agreements for the election in the Mexico statewhere the governorship will be renewed, yesterday the local leaders of the PRI, Eric Seville; of PAN, Anwar Azar and of PRD, Agustin Barreraheld a meeting in which they assured that the most important thing is the future of the Mexico.

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After Brunette promoted from last June 12 its candidates for the governorship of Mexico in a rally in which there was more brilliance of its presidential candidates; the members of the alliance goes to Mexico They met yesterday to analyze the convenience of concretizing this coalition in the state.

“The most important thing is the future of the #Mexico. I appreciate the enriching talk with my friends who are presidents of the PAN Edomex, Anuar Azar Figueroa and of PRD State of Mexico, Agustin Barrera”, the PRI leader wrote on his social networks, Eric Seville.

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The same message, but with different words, was written by the PAN leader, Anuar Azar, full text that can be read on the PRD networks Agustin Barrera.

The weekend, the panista Enrique Vargas I call Seville to define whether or not they want to go in alliance because the PAN is ready to go together or alone.

Meanwhile, in Morena, uncertainty continues over the method for selecting the candidate.


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