Colonel Suárez: the Deliberative Council approved the 2022 Budget

Last night in the ordinary session of the Deliberative Council, the 2022 Budget was approved with a series of modifications proposed to the Executive by the councilors of the different blocks.

One of the most controversial points was that of the $100 million that should be allocated to the payment of municipal salaries and that was removed from other items by Mayor Ricardo Moccero.

Flavio Diez, councilor of the Frente de Todos Unity and Renewal block, commented that “there was a great debate in the Council and once again we approved the Budget unanimously. In the commissions and in the body of the Council, a great job is done”.

Flavio Ten

The approved Budget has an amount of 3,821,886 pesos, with some 100 million that the Council had asked to be allocated to improving the salaries of municipal workers.

“The key to adjustment cannot be the workers, that is why we celebrate that this request that was made on March 17 has been taken into account. The Deliberative Council never delayed the approval of the Budget, rather we established certain amounts that should go to key areas of the Municipality and returned for treatment two months later”, he said.

He also stated that “although it is a power that the mayor has to put together the Budget, we see with dismay that the sectors that are deprived of the Budget are Health, Public Services and Social Development. We believe that the adjustment should have been on the political floor”.

Regarding these adjustments in sensitive areas, Diez said that “the mayor has the power to readjust items even with the approved Budget, so we hope that he can review this situation and readjust these items.”

Ricardo Mocero

Moccero mentioned that when he asked to put an item of more than 400 million for municipal salaries, he did not yet have the co-participation report. He, in turn, remarked that there were unforeseen events and expenses such as the repair of the tomograph, which will cost 7 million pesos, but that everything that enters the Municipality as an expansion of Co-participation will go to recompose municipal salaries.

Among other things, the Communal Chief indicated that in the year the Municipality will have to pay some 2,600 million pesos in municipal salaries. (Coronel Suarez Agency)

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