Colo Colo’s male and female youth categories learn English thanks to a TalkChile course

Alliance between the “albos” and Talk Chile, continues to grow and now, male and female youth, will be able to study English, to support their training and provide them with new tools for the future of each one of them.

The alliance between colo colo and the language center TalkChilecontinues to grow, after the success of the first litter of players who obtained an English scholarship, now part of the women’s team is added and also the men’s youth team in a pioneering project in Chile.

The agreement has been growing due to the good results. They left with five women’s scholarship holders and today, in addition to other players students from the male youth team also joined. The idea is to differentiate Colo Colo from the other clubs and deliver to the teams comprehensive training, with life skills on and off the pitch.

About, Yastin Jiménez, player of the “Cacique” and selected national commented that “it seems to me an excellent opportunity that the team gives us. Thanks to this, I could play abroad. The classes are very good since the teacher speaks to you all the time in English and It has a very flexible schedule since it can be online or face-to-face”.

For its part, diego square, youth player said that “having this scholarship is a plus, because speaking two languages ​​opens more doors for you in the future. And I would highlight the teachers’ availability when I have doubts”.

While Arthur Aguilarmanager TalkChile stated that “we are very happy to to be able to provide these young sports talents with a tool as important and useful as a second language”.

“We know that the key to success in the learning English is in the permanent interaction of the students with the teacher and in the design of a methodology according to the rhythm of each student, personalized and flexible, therefore, those pillars are the ones that we deliver not only to Colo Colo but to all our students”, concluded Aguilar.

In ten months, the language could already be mastered thanks to this methodology. Soon we will see the bilingual “Cacique” thanks to this agreement that only brings benefits for the players of the “popular” cast.

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