Claudia Salas responded harshly to the subject who criticized her physique: “And you have plenty of complete”

Social networks are a space where you can have a great time, as well as living very unpleasant moments. The presence of users who are dedicated to harassing, insulting and making fun of others sometimes makes coexistence difficult. And the Mega journalist, Claudia Salas, showed how to defend herself against the hostility of an Internet user.

This began after the communications professional uploaded some photos of her on Instagram. In the postcards that she shared for her more than 35 thousand followers, she appears in a sensual bikini while enjoying the sun on a beach. “Long live winter”, wrote Claudia Paz at the time of publishing the record.

Shortly after, the first reactions arrived. The vast majority, if not almost all, were compliments and praise for both her work performance and her spectacular figure.. However, there was one of the users who did not agree with the rest, and even misplaced himself by criticizing the journalist’s physique. “You are missing pots“, wrote the subject.

The furious reaction of Claudia Paz Salas

The communicator did not miss the disrespectful and hostile comment of the Internet user. Right away, less than an hour after he posted against her, she snapped at himin such a way that he made his annoyance very clear.

And you have plenty of complete, old cunt, but I don’t get into your photos to swell your balls. take a place“Claudia Salas replied angrily.

And he stopped dead. So much so, that the other followers of the Mega journalist joined in echoing her response, in addition to also supporting her. “Tremendous response”, for example, commented a supporter of the communicator. Meanwhile, the subject was never heard from again.

Look here Claudia’s post and her response to the hater:

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